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The purpose of this page is to explain which different possibilities of backorder processing exist and how they work.


Backorder Processing can be carried out for SD and PP documents. There are mass processing possibilities and also backorder possibilities for single records.

  • Transaction V_V2 / report SDV03V02
  • Transaction Co06 

Transaction V_V2 / report SDV03V02

  1. Report SDV03V02 / Transaction V_V2 is used for the rescheduling of sales documents like e.g. quotations, sales orders, scheduling agreements and stock transport purchase requisitions / stock transport purchase orders.
  2. The rescheduling for sales documents is always carried out for the whole item. It is not possible to carry out the rescheduling for a special schedule line. This means that when rescheduling is carried out for a scheduling agreement item then the whole item with all schedule lines will be rescheduled. It is not possible to carry out rescheduling only for a specific schedule line.
  3. Regarding the setting 'Unconfirmed documents required' please check SAP note 1588423 - V_V2 / SDV03V02 - Unconfirmed documents required .
  4. The selection criteria or the sorting criteria cannot be enhanced in the SAP standard. You have the possibility to use the report as template and to modify it according to your business needs. Please consider SAP note  549064 - FAQ: Rescheduling/backorder updating in R/3 question 2 and SAP note 1897242 - Missing BAdI for XTAB_SORT in rescheduling V_V2 .
  5. Report SDV03V02 selects all open sales documents independent of whether transfer of requirements and/or ATP check is activated or not. If you would like to exclude e.g. quotations from the selection then you have to modify the report.
  6. The report selects all relevant documents according to the selection criteria and sorts them according to the sorting criterias. The confirmed quantities of the documents will be released and after that the sorted documents will be atp checked one after the other.
  7. The sorting of the result is NOT the same as the sorting of the documents for the ATP check. The sorting of the result list happens in the subroutine AUSGABE of include LV03RF0A:  SORT output STABLE BY matnr    werks     kunnr    vbeln     posnr. So the sorting is according to material number (matnr), plant (werks), customer number (kunnr), document number (vbeln) and item number (posnr). The result list is stored in the clustered table INDX. The result of the rescheduling run will be also stored on the database when it is run in simulation. SAP note 1037547 - Modification: Rescheduling simulation writes to cluster  provides a modifcation in order to prevent the saving of the result in case of a simulation run.
  8. Sales document items that use product allocation have to be excluded from rescheduling. Product allocation and rescheduling cannot be used together.

Troubleshooting Guide for report SDV03V02 / transaction V_V2

  1. In the result list you can see materials that have not been specified in the initial screen of transaction V_V2 or report SDV03V02:
    Please check SAP note 1491650 - V_V2 / SDV03V02 - non-selected materials in the result list
  2. Rescheduling does not confirm partial quantities these means the sales document or purchase document does not get any confirmation when only a partial quantity is available:
    The setting 'Avail.check rule' in transaction OVZJ controls which result (e.g. full delivery, delivery proposal, etc.) the system takes over during the rescheduling run. If the system does not confirm partial quantities then please check this setting. When setting the value 'E' then partial quantities will be accepted. Please check SAP note 33084 - Confirmation during rescheduling . This is valid for sales documents. For purchase documents please check the setting in: Customizing (transaction SPRO) -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up Stock Transport Order -> Assign Delivery Type and Checking Rule -> field: 'Av.Ch.Rule' (V_161V-REVFE).
  3. Some sales documents will not be selected and thus not rescheduled: Sales document items with assembly process (dynamic or static assembly process) or 'Fixed date and Quantity' set will be not selected. Regarding product selection please consider SAP note 549064 - FAQ: Rescheduling/backorder updating in R/3 question 6. For contracts please consider SAP note 1768866 - Rescheduling (transaction V_V2 / report SDV03V02) ignores contract document types .
  4. Dates of partially delivered shcedule lines are changed / delivered schedule lines are swapped / the confirmed quantity of the requested schedule line is changed after the rescheduling run leaving the requested date unchanged. Please consider that this behavior is not wrong from requirements perspective because the schedule line is already referenced and it is the follow-up document that holds the requirement making the sales order schedule lines' dates irrelevant. If the sales order has more confirmed schedule lines that are partially delivered only the dates of the requested schedule line are important.

Backorder Processing with transaction Co06

Transaction Co06 can be used for manually distributing available quantities. It is an expert tool! Please check SAP Note 1906338 - Everything about transaction Co06 for further information.



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