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The purpose of this wiki page is to clarify how to define billing document number range.


Range of numbers that you can assign to business objects - or their sub-objects - of the same type. Examples of such objects are business

partners, G/L accounts, orders, posting documents and materials.

Number Range

1)    Internal: When storing a data record, the R/3 System automatically assigns a sequential number, which lies in the relevant number range


2)    External: In this case, the number is assigned by the user or by an external system, both of whom must ensure that the number lies in the

       relevant number range interval.

Transaction SNRO 

The SAP transaction code SNRO allows you to create and maintain number ranges for use with you ABAP programs. Below shows you the simple

steps required to create a number range. In-order to access the next number in the range from within your ABAP code simply call function module

NUMBER_GET_NEXT with the relevant details.


1)      Execute transaction SNRO and enter a name for your new number range

2)      Press the create button and fill in the number range object details screen, now press save. Read popup message and click yes if happy with

         selected method of buffering

3)      Now press the 'Number Ranges' button to maintain intervals associated with this object.

4)      Press the change intervals button(pencil) to create a new interval and maintain any existing ones.

5)      Press the + interval button to add a new number range to your object.

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