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The purpose of this wiki page is to clarify how blocking reasons work


Blocking reason is used for  blocking billing document creation for a customer.

Blocking Reason

Blocking reason can be defined as per business requirements. After the creation of blocking reason, it has assigned to corresponding

document types and used in document processing. Customer can also be blocked in Customer Master. There are multiple reasons to 

block customer, some reasons are as below:

  • Customer is blacklist due to involvement in unlawful activities.
  • Customer defaulted payment.

Create Blocking Reason

1) Run transaction S_ALR_87007670

2) Click on “Billing: Blocking Reasons

3) Click on “Choose

4) Click on “New Entries” button.

5) Enter block code and billing block description.

6) Click on “Save

Assign Blocking Reason

1) Run transaction OVV4

2) Click on “New Entries” button.

3) Enter Blocking code.

4) Enter Billing type.

5) Save the record.

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