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You faced problem for the VPRS(Cost) determination in SD. Cost condition cannot get the value as you've expected, or the cost is missing from the sales document. Customizing settings need to be checked for VPRS(cost) conditions in SD, this is the prerequisite for any further analysis.


The aim is to help checking the correct customizing settings for VPRS pricing related customizing settings.

Step 1.Check condition type configuration
  • Please check the condition category for cost condition (VPRS), it should be condition category G,S or T (this will trigger special logic)

    • Condition category G: the VPRS goes into the valuation segment of the material master and determines the standard or average price (based upon Price Control flag set in transaction MM03) in the sales document.
    • In billing the value is determined from the post goods issue document.  When the post goods value = 0 the VPRS will be pulled from the material valuation segment.
    • Condition category S always accesses the standard price independent of the document type
    • Condition category T always accesses the moving average price independent of the document type
  • No access sequence should be set

Important: If the future price is maintained in the material master this value will overwrite any standard or moving average price whenever the valuation segment is accessed. See SAP Note 117714.


Step 2.Check pricing procedure configuration
  • The condition type VPRS is labelled as a statistical condition in the pricing procedure.
  • Requirement 4 should be assigned on the VPRS line of the pricing procedure. This requirement checks:
    • The plant company code is the same as the sales org. company code CHECK: T001-BUKRS = T001K-BUKRS.
    • The plant is populated CHECK: KOMP-WERKS NE SPACE.
    • The item category is relevant for costing (transaction VOV7). CHECK: KOMP-EVRWR = 'X'.
    • The item is not relevant for down payment billing plan. CHECK: KOMP-FAREG NA '45'.
  • Only one condition of condition category G (Cost) is allowed in the pricing procedure.  (refer to consulting note 15462)
  • VPRS should not be used as a basis for further pricing (see note 547570, point 9)
  • Note: the currency conversion of condition category (KNTYP) ‘G’ is special. It always uses currency conversion rate type ‘M’! Independent of what is in the customer master (see consulting note 185225)
  • VPRS should have the subtotal field ‘B’ assigned (KOMP-WAVWR), otherwise the cost are not handed back to sales/billing

Important SAP Note: 547570 - FAQ: VPRS in pricing


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