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Ths wiki will discuss functionalities/facts revolving around collective billing.


There can be requirement where you would like to club different sales order or delivery document into one billing document and provide it to you customer. So, collective billing will assist you in doing so.


As per standard config the criteria for collective billing are, If your sales order has:

  • same Payer
  • same Billing Type
  • same Terms of Payments
  • same Billing Date
  • same Incoterms

So, if the invoice are getting split on the bases of Ship-to party region, which not standard.

Also, check your copying control config in tcode VTFL.

- Header Level

Copying requirements

003 Header/dlv.-related

Allocation number


Reference number


Copy item number


- Item Level


Routine 001 or 007 must have been assigned for Collective Invoice or you can enhance a routine for based on your requirement.

Collective Billing - Process

Through Billing Due List - VF04

Step 1.

Use TCode VF04

Step 2.

Opt for delv. related billing indicator, if you want to collective bill delivery related invoice

Step 3.

Now, select desired deliveries

Step 4.1

Its a optional step Click on Simulation button to check, whether there are any reason for split

Step 4.2.

Click on collective billing document button in menu bar and also check stat indicator for confirmation of creation


System is going to create collective invoice only when there are not split log

Split Analysis

To know the actual reasons for invoice split, you can simulate & analysis the same. To do so, kindly follwo the following steps

Step 4.1.1

Select the desired Deliveries in Billing due list. (Press & hold Ctrl Key from keyboard to select multiple lines).

Step 4.1.2.

Then click on simulation button.

Step 4.1.3.

Billing Doc Simulate: Billing Doc Overview Screen

Step 4.1.4

Select all lines.


There first go for Logs, by pressing Log button or menu bar - Extra - Log. If processing status of the billing document shows as "Incorrect"


Then click on Split Analysis button to get split analysis.

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