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The purpose of this wiki page is to clarify how condition supplement works.


A condition supplement is a supplement for a particular condition type.

Condition Supplement

A condition supplement is a supplement for a particular condition type. For example, you can include a supplement

every time you apply a material price. The supplement can contain various discounts. During pricing, the system

automatically applies the discounts defined in the supplement every time it accesses a material price. You define

the condition types for which you want to use condition supplements in customizing for Sales.

Including a Condition Supplement in a Condition Record

To include a condition supplement choose:

Goto --> Condition supplement on the overview screen of the condition record. You can then enter

the data for each discount in the condition supplement. You can only enter a condition supplement

if the condition type you are working with has already been defined in Customizing for Sales to

include condition supplements.

Default Condition Supplements

You can select a default condition supplement by choosing Default cond.suppl. The system

automatically proposes all the discounts that are defined for the condition type you are working with.

You can then enter the appropriate amounts or percentage discounts that apply to the discounts in the

condition supplement.

Statistical Condition

This means that the condition item is ignored. In other words, no flow records are generated in the cash flow

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