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This session will give the basic step to create a Sales Order.


Transaction VA01: creating a Sales Order from the beginning.
Sales order data in first screen: Document type, Sales organization, Distribution Channel, Division. 
Sales order data in second screen: Ship to party, Sold to party. Header and Item data.


1: Go to Transaction code VA01  to create the Sales Order

Or navigate in menu [Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Order -> Create ]

Here you have to fill the obligatory fiedls: Order type, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division.

2: Choose document type by F4 search in field Order Type. A pop-up window will open with all available document types. Double click to select one.


See below a list including all the defauld SAP Document types in Sales:

Default document types :



Credit Memo


Master Contract


Consignment Pick-up


Consignment fill-up


Consignment issue


Delivery free of charge


Quantity contract


Subsequent Del. Free of charge


Consignment returns


Debit memo request


Item proposal




Invoice correction request


Returns scheduling agreement


Rush order


Standard Order

Select a Customer  and enter some text in the Customer PO Number field and either hit the return key or the Green check mark button. This will ensure that SAP will validate the data you have entered.

Sales Organization:


Dist. Channel:

Sales Office:

Sales Group:

organizational unit within Logistics.
Represents a selling unit as a legal entity.

Broad product range / sales structure.
Can be assigned to more than one sales organization

determines how materials or services
 are sold and how they are distributed
 to customers, for example, retail, wholesale,

Geographical aspects.
Territory or regional.
Can be assigned to multiple sales areas.

Employees of a Sales office can
be assigned to sales groups defined
for each division or distribution channel. Assigned to Sales offices.

3: VA02 second screen

Fill the Sold-to-party field. Ship to party will be filled automatically. Insert a PO Number. Press ENTER.

In Sales Item, insert the Material and Item quantity. 


See below the difference of Ship to party and Sold to party:

Sold to Party

Ship to Party

1 or more for ship to party.
A person or company that places an order for goods or services.      

A person or company that receives goods.
May not necessarily be the sold-to party, the bill-to party, or the payer.

4: By default SAP automatically proposes a Requested Delivery date. This data is retrieved from the lead time configuration in the Sales Order. 

You can change the Requested Delivery Date before you enter the line items.

5. In VA01 you can also include Header and Item data:

5.1 Header data. Main menu Goto > Header 

5.2 Header data. Main menu Goto > Item

After fill the Header and Item data, go back to main screen using OK button
6: Double click on save button to finish the order. You will see the saved order number at the bottom.


Go to VA02 to edit this Sales Order and VA03 to Display and Edit the Sales Order

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