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The following explanation clearly identifies the difference between fields VBUK-LFSTK - Delivery Status and VBUK-LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status. The field description of these two fields can some times be very confusing. I struggled when trying to prepare some data ware house reports. It's interesting to find that, there would be situations where the overall delivery status is complete but the delivery status is still partial and that too when both are header level statuses at the VBUK table.
Lets follow the below example to find the difference between LFSTK and LFGSK.
Created a test Sales Order # 585282 with two line items each 2 qty:

LFSTK - Delivery Status - A
LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status - A


Delivered line 1 partially:
Line 1; Ordered 2 - Delivery created for 1. PGI is yet to be done.

LFSTK - Delivery Status - B
LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status - B

Remaining quantity on line 1 delivered.


LFSTK - Delivery Status - B
LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status - B


 Line 1 completely shipped. (PGI also done)

LFSTK - Delivery Status - B
LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status - B


In VA02 rejected line 2 completely.


LFSTK - Delivery Status - B
LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status - C

LFSTK - Delivery Status represents the header delivery status of the sales document. Specifically LFSTK - Delivery Status tells from a document header status point of view if all its items are delivered / partially delivered / or still open.

LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status also talks about delivery status of items but the main difference is - it represents or talks only about those items which would really need a delivery.
For example, if a sales order is having two line items, with one them being completely delivered and the other still open. At this stage, at the header level LFSTK - Delivery Status would be partial since the second line item is not yet delivered. Even LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status would be partial. But for some business reason if the second line item is rejected, then LFSTK - Delivery Status remains to be partial where as LFGSK - Overall Delivery Status would be flagged complete. Since second line item is rejected it really need not be delivered.

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  1. Guest

    Dear Friend,

     A Sales Order or a Sales Item, can be completed by one of 2 ways - Either Create a Delivery Document for it or Reject it using a Reason.

    The Overall Delivery Status checks, if all the items have been EITHER delivered or Rejected, even if you have one item open, which means neither delivered nor Rejected, the Overall Delivery Status will be Partially Processed\ Delivered.

    Where as the Delivery Status only checks or looks for if the order item has been converted into a delivery document \ item or not. This is purely a delivery status. Where as the Overall Delivery Status is Delivery Status + Reject Status Together for any item.

    Hope this helps.