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This article explains the account determination functionality in ERP Sales and Distribution component area.


The purpose of this page is to allow people to set account determination by informing background information and technical information regarding that functionality.



The majority of SD documents represent future financial movement . For example a sales order document is usually an indication that a good or service will be delivery to a customer while that customer will then pay for that order. That payment will be recorded in ERP FI and it requires some  information to keep data consistently structured for billing and legal audits purposes.


Types of Accounts Documents

  • G/L Accounts, Sales Revenue or Sales Deductions
  • G/L Accounts, Payment Cards
  • Reconciliation Accounts
  • G/L Accounts, Cash Settlements


Criteria for Account Determination

  • Company Code and Sales Organization
  • Payer Master Record
  • Material Master Record
  • Pricing Procedure and Account Key


Below is picture indicating the path in the implementation guide of SD Account Determination:


Additionally some transactions to be used:

  • OVK5 : Account Assignment Groups (for material),  its table is TVKM
  • OVK8: Account Assignment Groups (for customer), its table is TVKT

The standard Account Procedure is KOFI00, but it is possible to customize it in transaction V/11. Condition tables can also be set in V/12, V/13 (account determination type in V/09 and accesses sequences in V/10).

Account Keys settings are done in OV34 and OV35. Notice that account keys are also important in V/08 to each condition type for the pricing procedure.



Account Determination Source Code

The accountdetermination is performed in the sales order only for items



 check: vbap-kzvbr      =  kzvbr_p or

         vbap-kzvbr      =  kzvbr_e or

     not vbap-ps_psp_pnr is initial or

     not vbap-aufnr is initial      or

* start Revenue Recognition Project

     not vbkd-rrrel is initial      or

* end Revenue Recognition Project

* New case for Public Sector --> Fondsmanagement

   ( NOT fm_active IS INITIAL

     AND NOT tvap-fkrel EQ con_fkrel_no

     AND NOT tvap-fkrel EQ con_fkrel_proforma ).



In case you want to debug to see the criteria taken into ABAP code execution for accounting determination, the source code above is for your reference.

Related Notes

Some Notes/KBA which you might become interested for:

SAP Note 1587812: Account determination in sales order.

SAP Note 172692: Error in the revenue account determination.


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