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This Wiki gives you information about  Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements in an ERP system.


On these pages we will explain:

    • What types of availability checks exist.
    • Basic settings
    • How the availability check works
    • Backorder processing
    • Transfer of requirements
    • Trouble shooting guides
    • Debugging guides
    • Etc.

Availability Check in ERP

There are three methods to carry out an availability check:

  1. Availability check on the basis of ATP quantities (SD-BF-AC)
  2. Availability check against Product Allocation (SD-BF-AC-PAL)
  3. Availability check against Planning (PP-MP-DEM)
  4. Useful SAP Notes / KBAs around the ERP ATP check

All three methods and much more will be explained on the related pages. 

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