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The purpose of this text is to inform on the billing basic functions available to perform. This text is not intended to go through details of each functionality, in the hyperlinks here available will take to each specific topic.


There are two main functions that are extensively used on billing activities. One is the archival of data that as it happens for many other application areas it is also available for billing documents. The other is output control, it is largely applied for billing documents as well. 

Billing Archival

As time passes and operational data are accumulated the ERP has its performance impacted. The amount of data accumulated are subjected for filtering processes when ERP users perform application's activities, in case a fraction of that data are no longer relevant due to its age then it can be moved out of current data.

Output Control

When ERP users process data transaction like for example create a Sales Invoice document they might want to print the invoice or send it by e-mail, they might want also that invoice is transmitted to another system. There are different business requisites in the industry that make use of SD billing documents, the output is by standard formatted by SAP but is available to further modification to suit to specific business need and they can be automatically determined, automatically processed or manually processed.

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