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The purpose of this page is to enable people to familiarize with most common functionalities available when processing billing documents.


ERP provides billing processing for known practices across different industry’s needs.  The most known billing process is the invoice of a good sold to a certain customer but there are others which are specific for each need.

Billing Processes in ERP SD

1.       Payment Cards

2.       Billing Plan

3.       Consolidated Billing

4.       Retro-Billing

5.       Self-Billing

6.       Complaint Processing

7.       Down Payments

8.       Resource-Related Billing

9.       Intercompany Billing

10.     External Billing

Additional Information

Some process make use of interfaces to external systems like Self and Retro Billing processing, some have specific transactions in SAP ERP but most are stored in VBRK table under different document type (VBRK-FKART). There is also rebate process that is a separated but very common billing process.

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