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This article covers a simple example of Invoice List in SD-BIL area.


Invoice lists are mostly used to provide some benefits for payer when possible. Some benefits are the following:

  • To be able to consolidate/print several invoices into one.
  • Having billing date of invoices changed once it is consolidated. Customer may required submission of consolidated invoices by date.
  • Factory discount is applicable.


It is also benefitial to the seller while organizing the billing documents a invoices are grouped into one invoice list. It simplifies the control once there is only one payment which means that accounting document of invoice list takes place of all its invoices' account documents.

Depending on the payer's country the payer may pay tax for the discount provided. The condition type for factory discount is RL00 while its tax is MW15 (optional).


There are some settings before creating Invoice List, here they are:

  1. In Billing Document Types make sure that Invoice List Type (LR) is assigned to the invoice to group (E.g: F2).
  2. Make sure that copy control make use of requirement 016 from F2 to LR ( VTFF transaction ).
  3. Set a calendar for Invoicing List Dates ( XD00 transaction ) to the related customer/payer.



       4.      Set RL00 (statistical) in the pricing procedure, for example:



       5.       Set condition record for RL00 ( VK11 transaction ).

You may want to set also in pricing procedure the tax MW15 (optional) and also to determine LR00 (invoice list header) to create printing papers output automatically.


Invoice List Creation Steps

It is simple flow of SD transactions before creating Invoice List (transaction VF21), like VA01, VL01N and VF01.

  1. Create more than one sales order for a same payer.
  2. Creates respective delivery orders.
  3. Create respectives invoices.
  4. Now you create the invoice list (VF21).


       5.     Hit Execute button and check discount as per defined in condition records:

    After hit save buttong notice that when you release the invoice list to account then accounting document has the final data.


          6.       Setting Output Type:




Standard program for LR00 will print the invoice list with each invoice data per page.

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1 Comment

  1. Hi ,


    We are getting a different output for LR00 output type. Can you please let us know the standard driver program and form that you are using to get the Item details. 

    In our system LR00 uses RVADIL01 print program and form SD_INVOICE_LIST which prints the invoices as list and does not print the item details.

    We also did try to use output type RD01 with print program RVADIN01 and form RVINVOICE01 , but this does not get the item details too, but this has the same layout as yours,


    Any inputs are appreciated.

    Suresh Karri