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This article presents Rebate overview process in ERP Sales and Distribution component area.


ERP provides to SAP users the ability to set discounts to be paid retroactively to their customers. The idea is to pay back to customers certain amount of money based on sales volume over a period of time that is defined.

Rebate Document Types

The standard rebate document types provided by SAP are listed below:

  1. Group Rebate
  2. Material Rebate
  3. Customer Rebate
  4. Hierarchy Rebate
  5. Indep. Sales Vol.
  6. Exp. Group Rebate
  7. Exp. Material Rebate
  8. Exp. Customer Rebate
  9. Exp. Hierarchy Rebate
  10. Exp.Revenue Independ

Rebate Documents and Sales Documents

There are two account keys related to rebate process (ERB – Rebate Sales Deduction and ERU – Rebate Accruals), they are set in pricing procedure along with each rebate document type. The Rebate documents are created in VBO1 transaction, in that transaction it should be created conditions and access keys to that specific rebate, then sales documents can be determined to that rebate based on that data.

Sales Volume

Every time a sales order is invoiced the rebate condition is determined accordingly to the access conditions set on VBO1, VBO2 transactions, the accrual is calculated whenever invoice is released to accounting (booked in FI). The pricing type “I” is performed for determination of rebate conditions.

The rebate document during its process may go through the following statuses:

  • Open
  • Settlement Is Being Checked for Release
  • Agreement Released for Settlement
  • Settlement Has Been Created
  • Condition Record Is Settled
  • Condition Record Settled, Other Periods Open


In order to execute the retroactive discount partial or full settlements have to be performed, they are executed accordingly to the sales volume generated which had the amount saved (accrual) results in a credit memo. Rebate documents get closed status when the credit memo is paid.

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