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This error message F5A 190 is quite exotic. It occurs in country specific customizing, most common countries in which the business place is used for tax reporting are Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. 


The error message occurs, when in transaction VF02 the "release to accounting" function is executed:

Root cause

The error message is raised in the coding of a special development introduced by note 582784:

Here the business place field (ACCIT_FI-BUPLA) must be filled with a value, otherwise the error is given.


Looking up before the message is issued, it is evident, that the root cause of the error is the fact that the business place functionality is activated in table IDBUPLA_ACTIVE for the country to which the company code belongs:

If the the business place setting is acitve, and the business place is not present in the invoice (field VBRK-BUPLA is empty) and furthermore it is not maintained in the customizing of the plant (field T001W-J_1BBRANCH empty), then the field ACCIT_FI-BUPLA can not be filled, which leads to the error message.


  1. A business place will have to be maintained in the plant (field T001W-J_1BBRANCH) , if the country setting in table IDBUPLA_ACTIVE is correct:
    Cstomizing Path (transaction SPRO):

    > Cross-Application Components

      > General Application Functions

       > Place of Business
    * Assign Business Places to Plants

  2. Or it has to be checked, if the country should be really activated for this business place functionality. Then table IDBUPLA_ACTIVE will have to be changed accordingly. This can be done in the customizing implementation guide (transaction SPRO) under the following path:

    > Cross-Application Components

      > General Application Functions

       > Place of Business

          * Activate Business Place



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