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The purpose of this page is to clarify the reasons when gap in billing document number ranges occur.


Gaps occur in billing document number range after billing documents have been created.

Cause for this issue

There are several reasons why such gaps in billing document numbers may occur:

  1. Number range object is buffered:
    Whether the number range is buffered or not, can be verified as follows:
    1. Call transaction SNUM
    2. Object RV_BELEG should be chosen
  2. An Update termination occurs while billing document is updated. The billing document number is reserved prior to the update. If an interruption happens after the assignation of the number, then the invoice number will be consumed, this missing document number can not be recovered. After an update termination the document numbers can not be used again. Update terminations are displayed in transaction SM13. In such cases the update terminations should be documented as proof for the missing document numbers for the authorities.
  3. Incorrectly implemented user exits can also be responsible for such number gaps e.g. in program RV60AFZZ, USERXIT_NUMBER_RANGE or modifications in function module RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD.


There is no possible solution to refil such gaps.

The report RFBNUM00 from note 175047 will help you to display document number gaps in case in your country the FI document numbers must be assigned continuously.
The report RFVBER00 can help to list update terminations that are not older than 50 days (or according to what time is maintained in your system).

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