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The credit horizon date (field HORDA) in FD32/33 is not correct.
You maintained i.e. 1 Month as credit horizon period, but system calculates with 2 Months.
You would like to know how the credit horizon date is determined in FD33.


  1. In transaction OMO1 for the info structure S066 the period split is Month:

  2. In transaction OVA8 there are i.e. different horizons maintained for the credit control area-risk category relation. I.e Horizon 2 months is maintained for the sales order dynamic credit check, 1 month for the delivery and also for the goods issue checks:

  3. In FD33 with these settings you can see the Credit horizon date as follows (today's date as 26.11.2014.): 26.12.2014.
    You would expect here a 2 monts period view.
  4. Calculation is done in the Coding at following place:
    You need to set a breakpoint here: SAPMF02C ->  MF02CFE0 - ERMITTELN_SAUFT

    Here the function module SD_CREDIT_HORIZON_DATE (LVKMPU42) is called with the credit control area (KKBER) and risk category (CTLPC), in the example above:
    KNKK-KKBER     0001
    KNKK-CTLPC        001
    Here the relevant combination is collected into TIME_TAB and sorted according to the field WSWIN descending (Distance to credit horizon - period maintained in OVA8):

    After this the smallest period is taken as horizon:

    This is than converted to date determination in PERFORM HORIZON_DATE:

(warning) In FD33 the sales value which is displayed containes only the sales values which is inside this period. If you would like to see the full amount, please change the horizon date here in FD33 for a later date! Further on this please read also SAP Note: 482066 - Credit management account:Sls order value for dynamic checks 
How the sales value (KNKK-SAUFT) is determined in FD33 you can read HERE.



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