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Some customers have requirement to deactivate "release to accounting" function in VF02.


In standard system, there is no customizing place to make 'release to accounting' icon grayed out.

For release to accounting function, standard SAP only provides 2 authorization objects :

1. V_VBRK_FKA - Billing: Authorization for Billing Types

2. V_VBRK_VKO - Billing: Authorization for Sales Organizations

So to fulfill this requirement, you may consider creating transaction variant via SHD0. The following steps are for your reference:

<Steps 1>

1)Start SHD0, enter transaction name & Z_variant_name click on "Create button"

2) Initial screen of VF02 will appear, just click "ReleaseToAccounting" button

3) In the next screen, click "Menu Functions" button

4) Expand "menu bar"->"Billing document" and select FKFR(ReleaseToAccounting) line and click "deactivate" button.

5) Enter screen variant name and click "Exit and Save button"

6) Save the variant


7) Activate this variant

Then when you run VF02, you will see ReleaseToAcounting button is deactivated.

<Steps 2>

Some customers have further requirement that they only want people in management team have authorization to release invoices to accounting and want normal end-users only have authorization to change or display invoices.

If you took steps and above and set transaction variant as "standard variant", this transaction variant will be available for all the users.

In this case, you may consider using variant groups function in SHD0 and assign transaction variant to particular users.

!! Please make sure SAP Note2489241has been implemented, otherwise "set proposal" might not work properly !!

The following steps are for your reference:

1) In SHD0, enter transaction code and in tab standard variants->variant groups, enter group name then click "create" button.

Transaction variant name will be generated automatically. Then you can refer to <Step 1> to create transaction variant by using this transaction variant name.

2) After transaction variant creation, you can assign user ID in User Assignment tab.

Then press "Assign" and "Set Proposal" button

3) Then you can see ReleaseToAccounting button is only invisible for users have been assigned to variant group

Relevant Notes

Note 46625 SHD0: Different execution of variant transactions

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