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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to Listing and Exclusion in ERP SD.


With material listing or exclusion you can control which materials can be sold to each customer. Material listing lists which materials a customer can buy. Material exclusion lists which materials a customer cannot buy.

A material listing is created for a customer. The customer can only buy the materials contained in the list. The system does not allow any materials to be entered if they are not contained in the material listing. If no records exist for material listing, the sold-to party, for example, can in principle buy the same materials as the payer. However, if there is a material listing record specific to the sold-to party, the sold-to party can only buy the materials permitted in the list. These materials do not have to be identical to those which the payer can buy

Exclusion is ‘stronger‘ than Listing. Both is realized with condition technique.



1.SPRO:     SD ->  Basic Functions -> Listing and Exclusion



Here customer specific requirement Is possible, please see SAP Notes  156230,  130416.

Here also customer specific requirement is possible.

characteristic sign: ‘ Initial value allowed‘ -> The initial inicator has two functions within Customizing for access sequences. Firstly, it controls that the system does not access the condition if the field in the document header/item is blank or 0. Secondly, during automatic return transfer of data that were determined in the access, it allows an initial value to be returned.

2.  VB01 / VB02 / VB03:   create, change, display condition record for listing and exclusion


Listing/Exclusion in document processing

Error messages:  

V1 117 (Exclusion)  

V1 118 (Listing)

Calls in the coding:


  1.  Material read in maapv_select 

  2.  Fill the structures in  komkg_kompg_fuellen 

  3. * material exclusion

        if tvak-kalau ne space.

  4. * material listing

        if tvak-kalli ne space.

      after that for every one FB  ‘PRODUCT_LIST_EXCLUSION‘

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