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The purpose of this WIKI is to provide information regarding creation of the Order-related Intercompany billing.


 A characteristic of the cross-company code sales is that the sales organization, in which the sales order is created, and the delivering plant are assigned to different company codes and as a
result, a revenue allocation or cost allocation is required.

The order-related intercompany billing document cannot be created in the usual way using VF01, VF04 or VF06.

The standard output type RDIV set in the Customer Invoice triggers the Report RVIVAUFT creating the Intercompany invoice.


The standard system only generates an intercompany billing for the cross-company code sales if a delivery is involved. However, it is also required to generate an intercompany for a transaction without delivery, for example, for

  • Service items
  • Leasing and maintenance items
  • Third-party items
  • Credit and debit memo requests


  • In the Copy Control transaction VTFA (Sales document to Billing document), please maintain the following settings for the relevant Item Category:
    • Copying requirement -> 036
    • Invoiced quantity -> A
    • Quantity/value -> +
    • Pricing type -> G 
  • In the Output Procedure for the billing document, please add the following entry:
    • CTyp: RDIV
    • Requirement: 018
  • Enhance USEREXIT_KOMKBV3_FILL by the check whether a cross company situation exists within a sales order. Transfer a cross company identifier into the KOMKBV3 structure. The  suggested source code for the userexit is available in the SAP Note 63459 .

Creation of the Intercompany Billing document:

There are 2 ways of creating the order-related intercompany billing document:

1.       Using Output type RDIV.

The output type RDIV determined in the customer billing document will trigger the report RVIVAUFT creating the order-related billing document.

2.       Using the report RVIVAUFT directly.

In transaction SE38, execute Report RVIVAUFT using the customer billing document as the input parameter. The report RVIVAUFT creates the Intercompany invoice by using the function module


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SAP Note 63459: Order and third-party-related intercompany billing

SAP Note  381042:Order-related intercompany billing in Releases 4.5*/4.6*

SAP Note: 381348: 'Using user exit, customer exit, VOFM in SD', solutions based on the use of user exits cannot be delivered in the standard system. This affects, for example, USEREXIT_KOMKBV3_FILL in program RVCOMFZZ from Note 63459.