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General information: 

FAQ in SD Rebates SD-BIL-RB 

Rebate Preconditions 

Issues in retroactive rebate agreements (new rebate procedure): 

The rebate agreement is retroactive. VBO2 and VBO3 issues message VK 780 - The sales volume for agreement is not current

Update by SDBONT06 (transaction VBOF)

VBOF (SDBONT06) - No correction due to value change

VBOF - missing billing documents

Issues regarding rebate settlement payment value and accruals/accruals reversal value:

Rebate payment amount is different from accruals value

Issues regarding rebate accruals in Sales Volume(turnover) vs Drill-down List(verification level):

Rebate accruals mismatch in sales volume and drill-down list display


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