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In this document we discuss the two most common causes for the re-blocking of released sales orders.


In certain cases sales documents that have already been 'Released' by a credit representative can become re-blocked by the credit mamangement system. Here we discuss the possible reason and the steps that can be taken to overcome this unwanted behaviour.

Maintenance of Automatic Credit Contol

The most frequent cause for the re-blocking is due to incorrect customizing settings. The field ‘Number of days’ of the release configuration options in SPRO, transaction OVA8, is used to determine the number of days allowed before a released document must be rechecked.

A recheck will not occur if the number of days, together with the date of last release is not greater than the current system date. Additionally, if the current value of the document is less than or equal to the approved/released value, a credit recheck will not be executed.


Open OVA8:

Check the entry in - ‘Released documents go unchecked.’  If the number of day’s field is blank, then any change to a released document on any day other than the date it was released will cause a re-check. For more information on this see note -718260 ‘Released documents are not checked’.

Availabilty Check

Another frequent trigger for the re-blocking of sales orders is the availability check.

Whether or not the schedule lines are fully confirmed at the time of release can cause problems regarding the release value of the document (VBAK-AMTBL). The release value will be used to determine whether a higher quantity is to be delivered than was originally released. Note that the release value will be less than the document value if the schedule lines are not fully confirmed at the time of release.

The credit value of a sales order is calculated based on the confirmed schedule line quantity multiplied by the per item condition value as set in the pricing procedure - transaction code V/08 (shown in the screenshot below).

For analysis:

  1. Go to transaction SE17 for table VBAK (the header sales view).
  2. Enter in the sales order number; 10 digits with leading zeros, then find the fields called ‘Net value’ and  ‘Credit value’ and put an ‘x’ in the small box on the right on the line with these fields. 
  3. Execute. 

If the credit value field (VBAK-AMTBL) on the released document is zero or less than the net value (keep in mind that delivered items will be in the net value but not in the released value by design), then another credit check can be expected.


The solution to this scenario can be found in note 100861 with userexit RMCS1US1. The userexit utilises the requested quantity to calculate the credit value instead of the confirmed schedule line quantity.

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