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You may have question about how to do the configuration in order to realize the sending of SAP mail via SD billing output.



This page provides the detailed customizing steps and different results based on different settings.

 1.Customizing (Transaction NACE -> V3 -> Output types)

1.1 General data for billing output type

1.2 Default values

1.3 Processing routines

1.4   Mail title and texts

1.4.1 Mail title

1.4.2 Mail texts


2. Output condition record

3. Sales documents to be billed

Credit memo requests with different net value & different payer:

4. Collective billing for these 2 credit memo requests

4.1 List view

4.2 Protocol of collective run

5. Check Inbox (Transaction SBWP)

This is incorrect! Although there’re 2 billing documents got generated during collective run with different number,
the mail title & mail texts only shows the billing number and value of last billing document.

The reason has been explained by SAP Note 537832:


In Transaction VF04, the TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE routines of programs SAPMV60A and SAPLV60A do not return the desired results.
Symbols from fields of tables VBUK, VBRK or XVBRK are filled with the values of the billing document processed last, or they are not filled at all.


The solution is to implement modification from SAP Note 718017 then adjust the setting of Replacement of text symbols for billing output type. 

6. Implement modification from SAP Note 718017:

7. Adjust the setting:

Notice: In settings of Mail title and texts, semantic: &XVBRK-...& (not &VBRK-...&) should be used if you want to replace the fields of the table VBRK:

8. Re-create billing document for a test

9. Check Inbox again:

Everything looks fine now!

In case that you want to display the billing document number (field NAST-OBJKY) only, there’s no need to apply the modification, you may refer to the solution in Note 537832 instead.

10. Adjust the setting according to note 537832:

Now you can use all fields of table NAST or XNAST in your mail titles or texts. For testing purpose, change the mail title to &XNAST-OBJKY&, keep the mail text the same as before.

11. Re-test the billing creation and billing output:

12. Check the Inbox:

Here you can see billing number (XNAST-OBJKY) got filled correctly, while no VBRK data can get filled using this method.

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