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In a scenario where there is a Supplier / Manufacturer and End Customer / Dealer /  Channel Partner with / without a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization), a Sales Rebate Is nothing but a 'Discount' (or) a refund (or) an outgoing payment from the Supplier / Manufacturer to the EndCustomer / Dealer / Channel Partner / GPO based on the 'Agreement' (Contract) made between the parties involved!



Building Blocks of Composite Processing


Matrix is used in Composite Processing and it is assigned to a Deployment Code. We have Matrix and New Matrix (as per version 60E)

What is Matrix :

It is nothing but the Sales data (or) the purchasing data from the IP documents which are stored in the Matrix tables.

The table contains the data which we need to track (Keyfigures say the value & currency) and the characteristics (against which we track for say Sold to Party (or) Product Group (or) agreement)

The data would be in the aggregated on the characteristics level.


New Matrix

Similar Matrix Concept with much more features which makes it easy to configure and use.

Benefits of New Matrix  Courtesy


  • More user friendly
  • Less required configuration
  • Data mapped without using an LIS structure
  • Able to use data sets to push IP document data into the matrix
  • Data can be displayed from other planning subsets/matrices
  • Complex planning subsets development available
  • Subset data upload capability, which overcomes the (9) characteristic limitation of LIS






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