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The purpose of this document is to provide some basic information on the status in sales documents and explain how the system determines the status.


Sales documents have two database tables to hold information on the different statuses a document can have. These are the tables VBUK (for the document header) and VBUP (for the item status). The fields in these tables store the relevant status information, for example the field LFSTK in VBUK holds the delivery status. If this field is blank then the status is not relevant, while A means ‘Not yet processed’; B means ‘Partially processed’ and C means ‘Completely processed’. This is the same for all the other status fields in both VBUK and VBUP.


If you find an inconsistency in the sales order status, the report SDVBUK00 can be used to correct it. This report runs a check on the sales order status (like opening the document in VA02 and checking the difference between the database entries and the status determined by the system), and can be used to update the values in VBUK and VBUP.

Related notes

After you change the item billing relevance of an item category, see note:
127514 Change of billing relevancy without effect

After you change the completion rule of an item category, see note:
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