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You find certain condition type couldn’t get determined as you’ve expected in item pricing condition tab. Pricing analysis shows:
108   Condition record exists, but has not been set
008   Condition record exists (removed manually)
for the determination of this condition type.



General introduction about this message

Pricing analysis (condition determination analysis) takes the current state of customizing and condition master data into account. Therefore it is not relay an analysis of what happened at the time of the original pricing run.

Message VE 108 (alternatively message VE 008) in pricing analysis indicates that while executing the pricing analysis a condition record has been found for a specific access but no corresponding line exists in table XKOMV of that item.

Possible scenarios which might lead to this error

Condition line has been deleted manually

The customer deleted the line in XKOMV manually. This case represents the original intention of the message.

New condition record created/record changed

Message 108 could be an indicator that no condition record existed for this condition at the time of the original pricing and a record has been created meanwhile. This also applies to changed condition records with regarding to their validity periods.

Requirement was not fulfilled

A requirement set for this condition in pricing procedure or in access sequence was not fulfilled during initial pricing and now it’s fulfilled.

Pricing determination key fields with initial value

A field used in one of the accesses was initial during original pricing or had a different value. It might in most cases be a userexit problem.

Pricing date issue

The pricing date was not correct during original pricing determination (maybe due to customer modification).

Inconsistency detected during pricing determination

A condition record was found during original pricing but no line in table XKOMV was created due to detected inconsistency (e.g. calculation type is D Gross weight, but no weight unit of measure available in KOMP).

Include LV61AA52



  if xkomv-krech ca weight and komp-gewei = space.

    sy-subrc = 4.



  if xkomv-krech =  'F' and komp-voleh = space.

    sy-subrc = 4.



  if xkomv-krech =  'L' and komp-punei = space.

    sy-subrc = 4.



  if xkomv-krech =  'R' and komp-medst = space.

    sy-subrc = 4.



  if xkomv-krech =  'S' and komp-anzvse = space.

    sy-subrc = 4.




Condition inactive indicator (KINAK) was set to 'Z' during pricing run

This flag could be set in condition value formulas or condition base formulas like 28 and 29.

It will lead to the result that the line in XKOMV got deleted after calculation -> message 108.

Include          LV61AA55


* Update XKOMV

    IF xkomv-kinak NE 'Z'.

      MODIFY xkomv.


      DELETE xkomv.



Data Determination Conditions

Condition types with condition class ‘H’ are used to determine sales deal/price book (in standard condition type PBU for example), but they do not appear in XKOMV due to the special logic in

Include          LV61AA52


  if xkomv-koaid = 'H' and sy-subrc = 0.

How to analyze?

Basically you cannot really debug since the analysis runs correctly. You’ll have to guess about why did the message appear and try to prove the speculation. Here are some steps which you could take a reference:

If the error is reproducible,
1.Check if the access could be fulfilled in the pricing pre-step.
Set a breakpoint in routine LV61AA30 at:

         call function 'SD_COND_ACCESS'

2. Check if the access cannot find the condition record in real condition access.
Set a breakpoint in routine LV61AA29 at:

        call function 'SD_COND_ACCESS'

Run the transaction until KOMT1-RKSCHL gets the desired condition type.
Execute the function module and check SY-SUBRC.
If SY-SUBRC is not 0, no condition record could be found. Check the fields in KOMK and KOMP which are relevant for the condition access. Also make a check with the pricing date field KOMK-PRSDT.
If SY-SUBRC = 0 after executing function module SD_COND_ACCESS, it means a condition record has been found. Then you’ll need to go ahead and debug to check why no entry gets inserted into XKOMV afterwards, especially you may have some further check in FORM XKOMV_FUELLEN (LV61AA52).

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