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This document helps clarify the affects of update groups on the update infostructures in credit management.


When following the open credit values in credit mangement it is not always clear if the figures a consistent. A better understanding of what infostructures are involved and which update groups are used is necessary for breaking down the total credit exposure.

Infostructures in Credit Management

Structure S066 contains existing/previous update on open ‘sales order values’ for each customer credit account 

Structure S067 contains existing/previous update on open delivery or billing doc values for each customer credit account.

Updating with structures S066 and S067 is hard-coded and is not controlled by normal Information Structures. The customizing is based on settings in transaction OB45:



It also relates to the Billing relevance of the item as specified in the Item category settings of transaction VOV7:

Note: The delivery document posts updates to S067 despite of being in credit block. This behavior is somewhat different to the sales, where in the case of a credit block refrains from updating info structures S066/S067.

Update Groups

12 - Open order value on time axis, delivery and bill.doct value (click for more info)
Updates S066-OEIKW, S067-OLIKW and S067-OFAKW; i.e. standard order processing

15 - Open delivery and billing document value (click for more info)
Updates S067-OLIKW and S067-OFAKW; i.e. orders without schedule lines

18 - Open delivery value for sales order, open billing doct value (click for more info)
Updates S067-OLIKW and S067-OFAKW; third party order processing

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