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FAQ notes contain the most frequently asked questions and basic knowledge for a component.

It is always good to read the FAQ notes when you start with a new area or meet a new problem.

Here are the collective useful FAQ notes for SD Sales area per component.

549438    FAQ: Search help for the sales order
548488    FAQ: Checking the sales document for open quotations
549413    FAQ: Quantity rounding in the sales order

764611    FAQ: Static assembly
713379    FAQ: EK02 in assembly order

548510    FAQ: Confirmation function in R/3, confirmatn schedule lines
548779    FAQ: Delivery units during the availability check

547748   FAQ: Archiving sales documents
548969    FAQ: Status of sales order results analysis
549054    FAQ: Update of planned revenues
549722    FAQ: Updating of incoming orders

549875    FAQ: Currency changeover to euro in value contracts (Sales)
549866    FAQ: Currency changeover to euro in orders (Sales)

549341    FAQ: BOMs in the sales order
774346    Composite SAP Note: Material variants
774347    Collective SAP note: BOMs
549163    FAQ: Configuration in the sales order

713379    FAQ: EK02 in assembly order

607036   FAQ: Product allocation in R/3
549064   FAQ: Rescheduling and backorder updating in R/3
1291085  Scope of check and blocked stock / restricted use stock
547118   FAQ: Result of ATP calculation
1119296  Overconfirmation with parallel ATP check in Special Stock
1047256  FAQ: requirements, reference documents and overconfirmations
835219    FAQ: ATP composite note
606282    FAQ: Returns processing, requirements and ATP
962582    Frequently requested notes regarding the support processes
546965    FAQ: Correlation and delivery groups in SD
547277    FAQ: Requirements in SD and in the delivery
547508    FAQ: Schedule line overview and ATP
547512    FAQ: Customizing of the ATP in R/3
766475    FAQ: ATP check and confirmation of stock transport orders
1447016  Missing requirements for scheduling agreement
682613    FAQ: Local ATP from CRM

550236    FAQ: Credit Management general questions

869601    FAQ: Cross-Selling

549505    FAQ: Free goods  definition and uses
549771    FAQ: Free goods - Customizing and condition
549963    FAQ: Free goods in the SD document

960088    FAQ: Sending SD messages externally
960611    FAQ: Output control in Sales and Distribution
549248    FAQ: How to on printing sales docucment, etc.
753622    Sending of body text and PDF attachment with medium 5
757809    Peformance problems during output message processing

550073     FAQ: SD Partner Determination I
550102     FAQ: SD Partner Determination II
550113     FAQ: SD Partner Determination III
854390     FAQ: Use of the sales representative in SD without HR
922334     FAQ: Partner determination in R/3

854978     Function of cumulated scale base values (in SD)
844141     FAQ: Cumulated conditions
547570     FAQ: VPRS in pricing
1022966   FAQ for the 'Subto' column (KZWIW) in the pricing procedure
1442287   Changes in the applicatin help documentation

548517     FAQ: Text determination in SD I
548615     FAQ: Text determination in SD II
550343     FAQ: Transfer of texts from CRM to R/3
1002664   FAQ: Text determination problems after upgrade

808902    SD EDI: How?
549521    FAQ: few questions in EDI
754333    Segments are not updated during IDOC inbound processing
753153    FAQ: Customer-functions in IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS
562710    ORDERS: Creating orders with reference by EDI

626931   FAQ: Customer material info record

548716   FAQ: Custmomer hierarchy

886774    FAQ Condition technique: IDocs
886773    FAQ: General condition technique
1294118   FAQ: Archiving SD_COND

550396    FAQ: Material substitution and product selection
863767    FAQ: Listing/Exclusion
870085    FAQ: Product proposal
550378    FAQ: cursor response when creating items in SD documents 

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