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Clarification about the check parameters feature made by SAP kernel.


As of 7.40 SP2 a feature to check parameters was improved. This feature create syslog messages (SM21) and messages in the developer traces. The goal of this wiki is to explain how to identify wrong parameters with the information available in this feature.

How to find a wrong parameter setting?

During the startup of SAP system the SAP kernel perform a routine to validate profile parameters. This routing will print an invalid profile parameter value in syslog and developer trace.

Dispatcher trace

The dev_disp trace is available in the instance work folder and the parameter check feature print a WARNING about the invalid parameter value:


*** WARNING => DpCheckParams: invalid value for <parameter name> = <value set> [dpInit.c     XXXX

It is possible to search by all wrong parameters using shell scripts like

grep  “invalid value for” dev_disp

Or also searching over SM51 -> select instance -> Goto -> Information -> Trace Search -> search by “invalid value for”


The syslog is accessible over transaction SM21. The SAP kernel record syslog with messages ID Q30Q31 and Q32.
Go to transaction SM21, chose from date before the last start up, in Message ID chose Q30 to Q32.
The messages displayed should be like following in case wrong parameters:


It is possible to use the standalone tool to check the formula based parameters or even possible errors in parameters definitions. See the following Wiki page:

sappfpar to analyse formula defined parameters and additional features


In the most recent kernel releases, as from 749, new web methods were created to Check Parameters.


As from 749, inside of SAPMMC, selecting the system, All tasks, it is possible to use the option Check Parameters to evaluate all defined profile parameters. The tools will show you a list of issues found and the reason that there is a problem inside of profile with the current parameter settings:



Selecting the profile, it is possible to use the menu Profile → Detailed Check that list all the problem with the current parameters settings.



With this improvement in the parameter check made by the SAP Kernel it is better possible to manage SAP systems to easily identifying wrong parameters settings.


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