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Please visit the new BC-SRV-COM Wiki as it is the more updated and maintained one: Sapconnect Interface Informations Guide



Welcome to the BC-SRV-COM WIKI, the starting point for topics around SAPconnect and communication services. This area also covers SAPftp and SAPhttp.


SAPconnect provides a standard interface for external communication, which supports sending using telecommunication services, such as FAX, pager (SMS), Internet and X.400, as well as sending to printers and between several SAP Systems. This Wiki hopes to help you understand how this process works and assist with many of the configuration issues and errors you may encounter.

Section 1

Here are the following pages available: 

COMMIT WORK - SO672 - Still no entry in queue

Communication Services Common Issues (BC-SRV-COM)  

Delete Private User Folder in SAP

How to capture the MIME data

How to create traces in SAPconnect issues to get more information

How to define a job for sending messages via SAPconnect

How to reduce the size of table SOFFCONT1

SAPConnect Administration (SCOT) change log

SAPoffice objects disappear from shared folder

How to configure SAP to send external mails 

SCOT - SAPconnect Administration 

Secure File Transfer Protocol - SFTP

SOST - Send Request Overview

TCodes for SAPoffice

Transaction SCOT - New layout (SOADM)

Transaction SO12 Private Office settings

Transaction SO15 and SO23 - Distribution lists

Transaction SO16 Shared Office Settings

Type 'SAPFTP_SERVERS' is unknown

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Related SAP Notes & KBAs

SAP note 455140  - Configuration of e-mail, fax, paging or SMS using SMTP

SAP KBA 1639935:  How to capture the SAPconnect trace

SAP KBA 1641800: How to delete 'Has links to GOS/Document not sent' documents from the Hidden folder.

SAP KBA 1827878: Status of messages not updated in SOST

SAP KBA 1861133:  The address to which a DSN is sent  



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