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1. After system copy or client copy while creating new objects(user, folder, documents), dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC occurs.


2. Internal error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception: 0, No MIME Document Received. Error Code: MNA_DOC.

A) SCOT-> define corresponding codepage for SMTP node.

3. Internal Error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception: 0, No MIME Document Received. Error Code: MIME_BCS or Error Code: SENDER_BCS.

A) SCOT-> Setting->set default domain.

4. Internal Error: SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET Exception: 0 , No Send Order Exists -> Termination

A) No 'COMMIT WORK', refer to note 429427.

5. Cannot display full recipient mail address.

A) The recipient field length in SCOT is 35 characters, it's a restriction, but it's only a display problem, should not affact mail sending.

6. The scheduled job to send emails out seems to hang and the emails are not sent out successfully.

A) STOP the send job in SM37. Make sure that this job is not running and then delete the lock in table SXDISP (transaction SM12).  Regarding the details please refer to note 855545.


A) The jobs terminates with GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in CREATE_PACKAGE

    In this case you should check the variant of the send job and check if the standard settings are working correct: 

    Maximum Package Size 1.000

    Minimum Package Size 20

    Maximum No. of Send Requests 20.000

    Timeout Factor f. Send Request 2

    Timeout Offset for aRFC 100

    CommitAfter 1

8. Sending mails from SAP system to an external mail address through SMTP node, following error status can be seen in transaction SOST for some send requests:

  • XS802
  • XS812
  • XS806
  • XS829

 A) Contact the mail server administrator to check the relay settings of the mail server. refer to note 1496168.

 are working.

9. Using sapftp the following error can be seen : "User xxx has no access authorization for computer xxx"

Please check note 1605054. According to this note the table SAPFTP_SERVERS must be maintained to be able to use sapftp. (FTP Server whitelist) Maintain this table and check whether error still occurs.

10. Read Receipt is allways set for outbound email. Read notification is allways ask while open the email which was received from sap system.

Please read the KBA 2161462 How does Read Receipt work in SAPConnect?