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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of  Database Tables for Background Processing system. 


Database Tables

This table is often called the batch main table. Each batch job has exactly one entry in this table.


Job steps data are stored in TBTCP. There is a 1:n relationship between TBTCO and TBTCP. TBTCP contains one entry for each job step.


This table contains information of all time based jobs, which have not started yet (time based job = job, with start condition ‘date and time’). There is one entry for each such job. The so called time scheduler, which is a part of the batch runtime system, select jobs from this table in small periods of time and start it.


Similar to TBTCS table, This table contains information of each event based job, which is still ‘waiting’ for its event to start.


This table is used for storing the application specific return code of a job and the parent child information of jobs.


Certain activities of the batch runtime system are recorded in this table.
For example: the time stamp of the last execution of the time scheduler and event scheduler.


The table BTCOPTIONS can be considered as a configuration table


 You can find more details from SE12&SE16 transaction.



Use this structure to help you compose your contributions for WIKI and at the same time will ensure spelling and grammar.

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