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Clarification about dynamic parameters change in SAP ABAP system.


There are dynamic parameter that can be changed without restart of application server. This Wiki intend to explain the possible ways to change the parameters and also follow up these changes.

Change options

There are some ways to change a parameter, the standard way is using the RZ11 transaction and, if the parameter is dynamic, change directly saving the new value.

There is the standard function module TH_CHANGE_PARAMETER to change parameters.

There are also the following reports that belongs to each service:

RSMON000_CHANGE_PARAMETER taskhandler/dispatcher parameters
RSM51000_CHANGE_PARAMETER Message Server parameters
(These reports will use the FM TH_CHANGE_PARAMETER to perform the change)


Tracking the responsible by the change

If you want to know who changed or when it was changed the RZ11 record the last change details:

Directly in RZ11

Parameter Name
Short Description (Engl.) Set developer trace level
Application Area Dispatcher and Task Handler
Parameter Type Integer value
Changes allowed Change permitted
Valid for Operating Sys. All operating systems
Minimum 0
Maximum 3
Default Value 1
Profile Value 1
Current Value 1
Switched From <NAME> 13.08.2015 21:21:19

<NAME> show you the responsible by the change, however, this will store only the last change.


Another way to verify who dynamically change the parameter is over syslog in SM21 transaction.
Every time a change occurs, the following is the log created: 

13.08.2015 18:58:42 <INSTANCE> DIA 004 001 <USER> Q19 The profile parameter rdisp/TRACE was changed in productive operation
13.08.2015 18:58:42 <INSTANCE> DIA 004 001 <USER> Q1A >>> Old/New value : 1/2


The only problem with the syslog is that it usually store few entries of information because it is round file.

"Dynamic Change" feature in RZ11 (as from 740 system)

As from SP13 in 740 (or with note 2201397) the RZ11 will store the last 10 changes of dynamic parameter.

At the end of RZ11 there is the following option:

Origin of Current Value: Kernel Default

If the parameter was dynamic changed, this will show:

Origin of Current Value: Dynamic Switching (änderungshistorie)

This link will change to the change history window:

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