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Formatting or printing of an address

When discover an error in the formatting of the address,
please make sure you are using a standard address layout key.

You can check it with the following steps

  • Transaction OY07 

  • Select country

  • Address Formatting > Address      layout key

Check if it is empty or is one of the following:
(001-015, 017, 019, 022, 023, 029, 113)

You can find corrections related to this topic in this note:

35931 - Collective note: Formatting/printing addresses

If you can not find the correction for your error try to look for notes with the following key words:
*Country name* , printing , layout , title , city , district , street , P.O. box , PO box , house number , postal code , short form , international …

Error related to Postal code length

You might recieve an error message like:

"Postal Code must be of Length X"

After upgrading the system or applying a support package, or implementing a correction note.

The cause of this error could be incorrect settings in transaction OY07 (Table T005)

Since some corrections include additional steps that are not involved as manual steps, 
they have to be executed in order to make the correction work property.

For example:
2161581 - New postal code length for South Korea. 

Has been applied to your system.
You get an error  "Postal Code must be of Length 5" becouse the previous settings requied 7 character long postal codes.

To avoid the error you have to execute the manual steps mentioned in the note:

1. Goto transaction OY07.

2. Choose country South korea -KR.

3. Change the postal code length from 7 to 5.

4. Change the check rule from 9 to 4.

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