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Error 1

  • Transport customizing, the current number in target system is overwritten.


You should only transport intervals if you are sure that they are not already present in the target system or, if they are there, that the current number level is blank. You should only transport intervals from the initial screen of the interval maintenance (SNUM   > Intervals). To restore a consistent state, you have to reload the last data backup or the correct state must be produced again manually through some time-consuming consulting. Some applications have created repair programs (for example, see Note 83731)  

Error 2

  • SM13->Update log

 V1 Update error


  • Error Details:



  • Note 659573 - CD: Number range object/interval AENDBELEG is missing •Notice: check the corresponding client which error occurred at. 
  • Notice: check the corresponding client which error occurred at.

Error 3


Solution:* Check notes 678501 and 572905 to find the corresponding object.


SM50->process-> cancel with core

Find P_OBJECT= , then check the number rang object setting in SNUM or SNRO, to set suitable buffer type or increase the buffer size.

Error 4

  • The developer trace contains the following message: *** WARNING => ThNoGet:

     get from object (cli/obj/subobj/range =XX/XXXX/XXXX/XX)  Returned rc YY.

 In this case, XXX is the key of the number range interval for which the error occurred, YY is the error number.


  • Note 633980:Error messages from the number range buffer

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SAP KBA 1843002 : Gaps and Jumps in Numbering


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