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New - Certification Program for HA-Partners is in place

A new partner certification program for the SAP Application Server Interface for high availability solutions - the HA-Interface Certification - is in place as of June 2015.
SAP has introduced a partner certification program to certify the HA-interface (cluster API) of the SAP Start Service (sapstartsrv).
The important advantages of this certification will be:
  • Certify start/stop infrastructure within HA Setups
  • Establish a single SAP HA setup scenario
  • Unify HA setups for SAP NetWeaver 7.x
  • Clarify OS dependencies and 3rd party failover software
  • Clarify available DB-specific HA solutions of third party vendors
  • Clarify responsibilities of SAP and its partners, especially for support
These minimum criteria aim to ensure compliant implementation of customer HA setups of SAP systems. Partners certainly can extend and further optimize their solutions.
The certification process started in October 2011 with the first pilot. All other potential partner certifications followed commencing April 2012. After a fair-play period of additional 6 months, all so far certified HA-Solutions were published on SDN in October 2012. The list of partners that successfully passed the HA-Interface Certification can be found here. Currently two HA-Interface Certifications are released:
  • S/4-HA-CLU 1.0   (since 12/2018; based on SAP S/4HANA 1809 and ABAP platform 1809)
  • NW-HA-CLU 750 (since 10/2018; based on SAP NetWeaver 7.50)

No new certifications of the older HA-Interface Certification versions (NW-HA-CLU_740, NW-HA-CLU_730) can be done. Of course, existing certifications for these versions remain valid.

You can find more details about the HA-Interface Certification itself here.
If you have any questions, please contact:

Further Information About Partner Solutions

The following list of HA-Partners is a selection of available solutions and is not intended to be complete. This list will be revised on a regular basis. If you want to update or extend the information, please contact
More details of certified Partner solutions can be found here.
Available HA-Interface
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co,

Certified HA solution(s) available.

System z:

Power System on AIX:

Power System on Linux:

IBM i:




Certified HA solution(s) available.


Certified HA solution(s) available.

Red Hat

Certified HA solution(s) available.


Certified HA solution(s) available.


Certified HA solution(s) available.

Veritas Technologies LLC 

Certified HA solution(s) available.

You can check the official partner status in the SAP Partner Directory.


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