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How do I setup the SAP Web Dispatcher for high load scenarios?

To generate a profile that can be used with the correct parameter settings for serving high load scenarios, you can start the SAP Web Dispatcher with the -bootstrap option. This option provides a selection for small, medium and large systems and when choosing large system, it will automatically generate a profile that fits for high load scenarios.

Further details can be found here.

You can read the SAP online help document Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher for High System Load Due to Inbound Requests where a complete explanation and recommendations for optimized performance is provided.

The below SAP Note also also providing values and references to make this kind of configuration easier.

2007212 - Tuning SAP Web Dispatcher and ICM for high load 

Despite the SAP Web Dispatcher parameters within the profile, you also have to take care of setting the correct relevant operating system parameters as regards the amount of resources that are required due to the setting of the SAP Web Dispatcher profile (e.g. Semaphores, File handles, Sockets.)

A summary of relevant operating system parameters can be found in the following SAP Notes:

538405 - Composite SAP Note: SAP Web Dispatcher

715400 - Max. number of memory pipes (MPI) restricted to 4,000

552286 - Troubleshooting for the SAP Web Dispatcher

In case you want more optimization hints, you can check the below SAP Notes.

953784  - SAP Web Dispatcher Connection Pooling

943248 - SSL fine-tuning (SAPCRYPTOLIB,icman,sapwebdisp)



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