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How to analyze the distribution of stateless http requests by the SAP Web Dispatcher?

This section will explain how to analyze the requests distribution conducted between the involved servers with Web Admin Interface.
The Web Admin interface is a service provided by Web Dispatcher where you can manage its features. For further information about how to configure and use it follow the SAP documentation below:

To check the requests distribution, go to Web Admin Interface and navigate from left menu:

In this window you do find the Application Server List for ABAP and JAVA in distinct tabs. For each Application Server there is a column REQUESTS with statistics about STATELESS and STATEFUL requests.

The Web Dispatcher perform a distributions of requests, it is not able to perform a distribution of the load. If is suffering troubles with the load of a specific Application Server, this is not directly caused by the Web Dispatcher. It balances the stateless requests to ensure an even distribution across the servers. In such way, only the statistics about stateless connections should be balanced equally, you have to see a similar situation between the servers.

Note that stateful request that must be returned to their server, they are not involved in load balancing. The load balance only is done for stateless requests.

The balancing will never achieve a completely balanced distribution, deviations around 10% and 20% are tolerable.



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