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How to check the CPIC environment variable?

To check the current value of an environment variable loaded by a specific process you can use some Operating System tools and list all environment variables to a specific process ID (PID).
For ABAP stack you should check the PID of the dispatcher process (disp+work). It is possible to check the PID in the dev_disp trace file or checking from OS level. For JAVA stack you should check the jlauch or jstart process.
Following some commands for each specific Operating System:


It is possible to check the enviroments of a process any time using the Process Explorer Tool. This is a freeware tool at
Select the process, goto properties in the popup menu and then choose the Environment tab:


The command "ps eww <PID>" show the environment variable of the process. It is also possible to use "cat /proc/<PID>/environ":


Ther are the following ways for Solaris: "/usr/ucb/ps eww <PID>" or "pargs -e <PID>":


With the same way of Linux you can use the "ps eww <PID>".



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