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To trace information on Web Dispatcher or ICM, the parameter icm/HTTP/trace_info should be set to TRUE.
See note  2012562 for further details.
This parameter has the advantage to trace information because  no sensitive data is traced and it can (usually) be activated even in high load scenarios. 

How to active the parameter:

To make a definitive change on it, the parameter should be configured in the instance profile and a restart of the instance is required.
In the other side, the parameter is dynamic, therefore it can be changed dynamically in the RZ11 transaction in ABAP stack.
It can be also changed dynamically using the program icmmon to ICM or wdispmon to Web Dispatcher at OS level.

> icmon pf=<instance profile>
chose option m (menu)
chose option r (display/change profile parameters)
chose option p (display or change other profile parameters)
Enter parameter name, for example, icm/HTTP/trace_info (it shows the current value)
chose option c (change parameter value)
Enter parameter value, for example, TRUE

Make sure that the parameter was correctly set checking the option p again.

The icmon and wdispmon have the same steps to change the parameters. See also Change SAP Web Dispatcher profile parameter dynamically via wdispmon

There are some specific problems where the analysis requires different information (not traced by the parameter cm/HTTP/trace_info) therefore, the bellow 2 parameters may cover these special required scenarios:

rdisp/TRACE = Define the level of the trace (0, 1, 2, 3);
icm/trace_secured_data = To trace HTTPS (SSL secured content) packages;

These parameters have a disadvantage because they may impact the performance of the service. These both parameters allow the service to trace the body of the package if this is an required information in the analysis.



See additional parameters that may help for specific trace analysis:

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