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For details see above.

icm/HTTP/logging_0 = PREFIX=/, LOGFILE=$(DIR_INSTANCE)/trace/access_log-%y-%m-%d, MAXSIZEKB=10000, SWITCHTF=day, LOGFORMAT="%r" %M1

This will produce log files /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE>/access_log-2016-05-19 with lines like
"GET https://localhost:443/test HTTP/1.1" t0(pfclock):3859407267;dt1(us):787;dt2(us):16;dt3(us):2832;dt4(us):65;total(us):3700

The first part is the HTTP request (including the URL). The second part are detailed response times:
t0: Start of HTTP request processing
t1: Request is sent to the server
t2: End of HTTP request processing
t3: Start of HTTP response processing
t4: End of HTTP response processing




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