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This article explains how customer can require an Adobe credential by a SAP OSS message.


You want to use Adobe Interactive Forms and you require a credential, as described in the configuration guide, to complete the configuration. Bear in mind that the credential is required only if you have interactive forms (forms in which the user can enter data). For print forms, the credential is not required. If you have made the configuration without registering a credential, you receive the following error when you try to use the Adobe Interactive Forms: Path to object does not exist at :


To complete the configuration successfully, you require a credential, which you must register in accordance with the configuration guide.

In the Adobe Interactive Forms scenario, the system checks whether acredential exists and is egistered. If this is not the case, you cannotuse the Adobe Interactive Forms scenario.

Steps to requere a credential

  1. Open an SAP customer message under the component BC-SRV-FP-ICF.
  2. Write that you require a credential for the Adobe Interactive Forms scenarios.
  3. Include an e-mail address to which the credentials can be sent.
  4. The persons responsible will then contact you directly.

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