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How to test a logon group access?

There is a tool called lgtst to validate the logon group access. It is possible to test the logon groups and servers assigned using following:

> lgtst -H <Message Server hostname> -S sapms<SID>
using trcfile: dev_lg
list of reachable application servers
[<application server 01>] [<server 1>] [<IP>] [sapdp00] [3200] [DIA UPD BTC SPO UP2 ICM ]
[<application server 02>] [<server 2>] [<IP>] [sapdp02] [3202] [DIA BTC SPO ICM ]
[<application server 03>] [<server 3>] [<IP>] [sapdp02] [3202] [DIA BTC SPO ICM ]
list of selectable logon groups with favorites
[MYGROUP] [<IP>] [3202] [740]
[SPACE] [<IP>] [3202] [740]
[TEST] [<IP>] [3200] [740]



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