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Identifying the owner of a shared key

To identify the owner of a shared key it is required to identify the address first with "showipc <instance number>":

> showipc 02
Show/Cleanup SAP-IPC-Objects V2.3, 94/01/20
Running SAP-Systems (Nr)...:

Show IPC-Objects of Sap-System 2
OsKey: 58900102 0x0382be86 SCSA Shared Memory Key: 58900000 Size: 4096 0.0 MB


Using ipcs tool like "ipcs | grep <key>" to identify the owner:

> ipcs | grep be86
m 16777258 0x382be86 rw-rw-rw- wsoadm sapsys

in this example, WSOADM is the owner of this shared key.





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