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This page is part of the Sapconnect Interface Informations Guide

  • Problem Descripiton:

The system does not assign incoming emails to internal users. The internal recipient field is empty in transaction SOIN.


First thing first it is recommended to create an inbound SAPConnect trace about the affected mail.
The KBA 1639935 - How to capture the SAPconnect trace contains the steps to create the trace.

  1. Check the inbound processing part if there is any rule for recipients. If there is no rule then it has to be created.
  2. The exit processing part should be checked.
    1. if there is no exit, it should be maintained in transaction SCOT.
    2. If it exists and it is a custom exit it should be checked by the developer. Sometimes a wrong coded exit can cause the issue.
  3. The user should be checked in ADR6 table and SU01 transaction. If the address data is inconsistent it can cause the issue too.
  • Problem Description:

The incoming attachment can't openable in SAP system.


First of all it is recommended to create a MIME content about the incoming mail.
Execute transaction SOIN  Utilities  MIME setting  Incoming E-mails  check always save  resend the affected mail  check it in MIME exists column
It is important to know that SAP is following the SMTP standard strictly. Let me explain it with an example:

The attachemnt is a pdf file which can openable in other tools however the SAP can't open it. Other tools check only the extension of the file and try to force open it with Adobe, however SAP is checking the MIME and the content type of the attachment. It should be application/pdf in case of a pdf attachment.

If the content type is not correct then it must be corrected by the creator.

The various attachemnts have various content type which described in the SMTP standard.

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