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Job Count

JOBCOUNT is generated at job creation time out of a 6-digit time stamp HHMMSS and a 2-digit counter. 
This counter can also contain capital letters (see notes 728947 and 942804).

728947 - Job count cannot be created 
942804 - Background infrastructure: Generating job counts 


Job Class

Job class is job’s  priority.

Job Class:

·  High priority:  Class A
·  Medium priority: Class B
·  Low priority: Class C


Job Log

Please refer to Job Log - Typical issues and Troubleshooting Guide for detail information.


Job Step

- can be either an ABAP report or an external report or command
- runs under a specified user and with a specified language environment (ABAP steps only)
- ABAP steps have specified print parameters for their output
- The failure of a single job step will abort the whole job
- messages of job steps will be inserted into the job log


Job status

-Scheduled (P) : Job is defined but not eligible to get started

-Released (S): Job is defined and eligible to get started. As  soon as start date requirements are met job will get started

-Ready (Y) : Job is about to start. Runtime system is  preparing job for 'lift off'

-Active (R) : Job is running. Steps get processed sequentially

-Finished (F) : Job has finished without any problems

-Cancelled/Aborted (A)  : Job has 'crashed'

-Released/susp. (Z) : special status during an Upgrade -- jobs should not run during an Upgrade

The letter in () above stands for the status value which stored in database.

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