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To help with troubleshooting.


An SAP  instance does not start. Here are some steps which could be helpful in such cases.


An error appears in dev_disp:

ERROR => Kernel incompatible to already connected instances (see dev_ms for details)

Reason and prerequisites

'source id' of msg_server on central (DVEBMGS) or central services (ASCS) instance and disp+work of the affected instance must be the same otherwise instance won't start.

How to check

To check the 'source id' 

1. Logon to central | ASCS instance and execute

  • sappfpar pf=<path_to_instance_profile> DIR_EXECUTABLE
  • <DIR_EXECUTABLE>/msg_server | grep source

2. Logon to application server and execute

  • sappfpar pf=<DI's profile> DIR_EXECUTABLE
  • <DIR_EXECUTABLE>/disp+work | grep source


If 'source id' is different, change the kernel in <DIR_EXECUTABLE> of affected instance.

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