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This is a brief introduction as to what LSMW is and what it can do.


The LSM Workbench is a tool that supports you when transferring data from external non-SAP systems or Legacy Systems as they are sometimes referred to, to SAP systems once or periodically. The tool supports the conversion of the data of the legacy system. The data can then be imported via batch input directly to the SAP system via direct input, BAPIs or IDocs. The LSM Workbench also provides a recording functionality that allows the user to generate a "data migration object".

Why Data Migration?

It's an easy to use cost effective way of transferring data. It's free of charge for SAP customers and SAP partners. It's a part of the SAP system and thus independent of individual platforms. There are also a variety of technical possibilities for the data conversion. Such as:

  • Batch input
  • Direct input
  • BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interfaces)
  • IDocs (Intermediate Documents)

The import technique chosen depends on the used business object.

Schematic Flow of Data Migration with the LSM Workbench

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