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With LSMW, certain things need to be followed when migrating long texts. The purpose of this wiki is to help you understand the differences between long text management and "normal" data migration with the LSMW.


There are two ways of specifying long texts:

1. By the direct input program /SAPDMC/SAP_LSMW_IMPORT_TEXTS. This is not immediately available in the standard system, so you have to run the following program to make it available: /SAPDMC/SAP_LSMW_SXDA_TEXTS

2. The direct input program RSTXLITF. This must be downloaded in a transport from SAPNet and then imported into your system.

How it's done

  • First, you have to determine the structure of text key TEXTNAME as well as the values for TEXTOBJEKT and TEXT-ID before you can maintain the structure and field relationships between the project and the SAP system.
  • When assigning the conversion rules, you may have to take into account exceptions in the structure of the text key. You should also enter a processing rule for the TEXTFORMAT field as otherwise you will get continuous text without line wrappings in the SAP system. Basically, migration of long texts must be adapted to the migration of the application object.
  • The structure of the input file for the conversion program must have a two-level hierarchy.
  • Direct input methods are used to import the texts into the SAP system. The associated program can be called from within the step "Start direct input session". The required parameters are then defaulted.

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