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To troubleshoot a Netweaver issue, the developer traces are the most important requirement. This Wiki explains how to find and how to download them.


The most usual traces are:

Trace file nameService
dev_w<number>Work Process
dev_msMessage Server
dev_rfc<number>RFC trace

There are additional traces like std* and *start* traces that are also important to some specific situations.

How to find it

There are few ways to access these traces, for example:

1) From Operating System level in work folder (/usr/sap/<SID>/</instance/work);

2) Transaction AL11 -> DIR_HOME;

3) SM50 -> OKcode write "w<number>" or "dp"
where <number> represent the work process number to open the WP trace;
dp stands to dispatcher;

4) Transaction SE38 -> rsbdcos0
Command line actions like "cat dev_disp" or "more dev_disp" (Windows); 

5) Using transactions SMGW, SMICM or SMMS to open gateway, ICM or Message Servers traces respectively; 

6) Using SAPMMC
Click in the instance name -> "Process List" -> on the right side the SAP services will appears, select the service and right mouse click -> "Developer trace"
To Open a Work Process trace, click in "AS ABAP WP Table" -> select the work process and right mouse click -> "Developer trace"

How to download traces

1) Work Process trace:
From SM50 -> Select the WP -> Administration -> Trace -> save as local file

Dispatcher trace:
From SM50 -> Administration -> Trace -> Dispatcher -> save as local file

SMGW -> Goto -> Trace -> Gateway -> Save as local file

SMICM -> Goto -> Trace file -> Save Locally

2) When displaying the trace file, %pc to save it .

3) Creating a snapshot as per note 1786182
1786182 - CreateSnapshot: Collecting developer traces using sapcontrol

This report could be one of the best option to Download all relevant traces



Go to transaction SE38 and run the report  RSMON000_DOWNLOAD_TRACES.

1) To download all relevant traces from work folder, mark the check box:

"Work Process Trace File(s)" and select all work process types
"(save related RFC files)"
"Message Server Trace File"
"Gateway Trace File"
"ICM trace File"
"Save Old Trace Files Too"
"Compress Files First"

2) Click F8

3) Select the path to save the traces

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